Monday, November 24, 2008

My own door

Only once before have I have I had an office with a door. It was years ago when my then department was displaced while our offices were being reconfigured and we worked in a temporary building next the the NAU green house. Even then it wasn't my own office, I shared with my dear friend Jessica.

But now, I'm so delighted, I get an office...of my very own - with a door! No more open floor plan cubical layout b.s. YEAH! I even get to pick the color of the walls...I'm so overwhelmed...something bright and cheery to distract me from the fact I have no window to the outside world or a soothing neutral that will accent whatever loveliness I decide to hang upon the walls? Decisions, decisions. It's the little things that can really make your day.

All in all the new job is going quite well - and starting during the holidays was brilliant on my part. ;) Parties galore!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tracey Hayes, ASS

That's Academic Success Specialist...although I have been accused of acting the other at times. I have just officially accepted an offer from ASU's Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics to begin this coming Monday. YEAH, I'm once again gainfully employed!