Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pregnant Women are Beautiful

I have never been so tired in my life. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and have known of my pregnancy for 2 weeks...my body is bloating (apparently new life requires growing room) - this is strange and disturbing for a woman who has spent the majority of her adult life learning to accept the size and shape of her body while trying to shed as many pounds as possible to facilitate conception. Oddly now that the miracle of life has taken up residence in my uterus...I dread looking in the mirror every morning.

Nausea and fatigue are now my bosom buddies, along with mild frequent headaches, increased sensitivity to odors (pleasant or otherwise), increased seasonal allergies, and a desire for ice cold milk like I've never had in my life. Sleep is frequent, short in duration, and not all that satisfying. I don't want to feel miserable, I want to feel glowing, powerful and strong - a mother warrior fostering the growth of my unborn chieftain (or queen)...but rather I feel more akin to Jaba the Hut with ever-changing, sometimes odd cravings for food.

I'm excited, so excited, to be a Mom and my wonderful, amazing, supportive, understanding, patient, loving, caring husband is so excited to be a Dad...but the journey to parenthood is challenging. SO glad it will all be worth it in the end...right?

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Cactushaze said...

Hang in there...!!!