Thursday, July 10, 2008

The nose knows...

I've often been accused of having a sensitive sniffer, however with the onset of hormones galore I find myself almost overly sensitive to assaults to my olfactory. Smells I once enjoyed can be pungent and pseudo-noxious. Smells I do not care for, now force me to vacate the premises until the air has literally cleared.

The same heightened level of awareness seems to have translated to my taste buds as well. The other day I sipping on a cold fountain drink and I swear I could taste the lingering of fungal bacteria in their carbonation lines...needless to say, I did not drink very much.

So for the time being it's back to basics - simple foods, simple smells, gone are the days of incredibly rich and fragrant exotic foods and spices I often yearned for. "Alas, poor curry, I knew you well."


Cactushaze said...

Does that mean back to bland. Mmmm tasteless oatmeal and grits. What about meat n taters? Maybe it is all part of the sickness phase...have you had any cravings yet?

Tracey Hayes said...

my early cravings have been milk and veggies...what the hell? I thought I was supposed to want stuff that was bad for me. huh.