Friday, October 31, 2008

Am I destined Mrs. Hayes?

To those of you who are gainfully employed or otherwise expected to be someplace, at some time, with some regularity - I envy you. I have learned, oh these many weeks, that I don't do well without "the daily grind." Apparently I'm qualified, or at least appear to be such on paper, for I have been blessed with well over 10 interviews in the past 4wks. But alas, no job offers lie in wait for me to date. At least I have a back-up that seems so logical and yet so foreign to me.

In fall 1995 I began my higher-ed career with a major in Theater Education - I felt a strong connection to the arts and hoped to one day inspire others to find their path of passion. I quickly changed my major, out of spite more than anything, devoting my heart to the arts alone, leaving education to fend for itself. In May of this year I completed a Masters of Education degree...not in curriculum and instruction mind you...that was still too scary to commit to. So as I continue to interview for a position in higher ed my plan laying in wait is to become a certified teacher. I am working on getting my fingerprint card followed by my sub cert followed be yet another Master's degree, this time with more marketability - a teacher certification.

The hesitation? The unknown of course! Numerous informants have told me they sense I would be a great teacher, but does my heart fear otherwise? For things which are too monstrous for me to wrap my head around (such as this decision) I turn it all over to the Fates. It's a bit like putting your future into the clairvoyance of a Magic 8-Ball, but it works for me. If I get hired for one of these 10+ jobs I've interviewed for - so be it. My life will remain in higher ed (for the near future at least). However, if in fact no job offer comes to me, then I shall jump - fully and whole-heartedly into the classroom, where alas I am not the student, but the teacher. Perhaps only time will tell where I'm meant to be. Regardless, I must find my path soon, for stay-at-home wife does not suit me without baby on hip or group of like-minded fellows to waste away the days with.


natasha said...

Hey Tracey. I know frustrating that idle time during a job search can be. Good to know you have a backup plan - and I think you'd be a great Mrs. Hayes (teacher, not housewife) too. My aunt is a bigwig at the Mesa Arts Center ( - have you looked there for anything? If you apply for any jobs there, tell me and I'll have my aunt put in a good word for you. Good luck!

Jed said...

You ARE a great teacher already. And you should update this and let your fine readers know the newest developments.

emery_rose said...

What are the new developments?? I agree that you would be (or already are...) are great teacher.