Thursday, October 9, 2008


Words of wisdom that have reared their head lately...
"Everything happens for a reason" - although you may not know why at the time.

"God will only give you what you can handle" - regardless of your religious beliefs, I've found amazing strength in times I thought I wouldn't.

"Mothers are crazy" - you love them anyway, even if it means given them some space now and again.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life" - isn't cool that you can right your wrongs with the dawning of a new day?!?! here's where I'm at today:
Employment status: pending...have had 2 interviews, have another on the books. Hoping for 2nd interviews soon. (Primarily because I'm going stir crazy with no where to be from 8-5).

Health status: I'm really out of shape. I have tried to go for a run twice now and feel like my calves are on fire and my lungs are on strike...but I also feel pretty empowered and know that my endurance will return. I have found a new, fun, fabulous way to shake my groove thang. That's right I'm bellydancing. The tricks I have found
1) Find a great teacher (I've lucked out with my dear friend Cari)
2) Laugh a lot
3) Stand in the back so you can't really see yourself (you'll just obsess and it won't be pretty)
4) Laugh a lot

...I have found it's really hard to hold my arms up for an hour long class and that I feel strong, fluid, and empowered when I bellydance. Who knew?

So if you ever have the opportunity to bellydance I highly recommend it. If you are in the Valley area check out Anaya Tribal ( they're some amazing ladies that will make you want to move.

Weath: let's not go there...things will be much better when we're a 2 income house again.

Family: I couldn't ask for better inlaws, their unconditional support of us has been amazing. My husband is a testament of strength and caring, he can still make me laugh everyday even when dark clouds loom.

As for's all about the NEXT - back on the road to log another mile, back in the studio to laugh and shimmy, and back online to tweak my resume, back to my roots of doing what's good and right for me so I may be blessed again.


emery_rose said...

I'm really excited to read this post. I used to take a bellydancing class, and there's nothing like it. I bet it would be a whole lot more fun with you though, and I bet you're really great at it.
I hope you guys are doing well. We really miss you. We'll call you next time we're coming through town.

Cactushaze said...

Hey Tray, you never seem to be w/o a job for very long. I am sure you will find something good before too long. At least you guys have some friends and activities in the is important to stay active. Be well sis, and talk to you later