Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The baby bump

The baby bump, the adorable first visible signs that a growing little life is residing inside its mother’s womb… I have come to realize that the baby bump is only cute on women weighing in at 150 or less.

For myself, a woman much stouter than the average bear – I have the pleasure of having 2 bumps. The “upper bump” is alllll me and despite my best efforts I can no longer hold it in. I lovingly refer to this as “the buffet.” I imagine myself a mamma bear and this is the fruits of my labors, the veritable smorgasbord that will sustain my cub through winter.

The “lower bump” is actually the baby, located squarely in my uterus, where it should be. I somewhat fear my fifth month when according to most, including my mother-friends, is when you actually “start showing.” Yikes!

That’s pregnancy though right? So bring on the stretch pants and lycra dresses! I am mother, hear me roar. As I get to know my every changing, ever curving, ever widening body – I’m secretly planning for my first post-baby half-marathon, jogging stroller and all.

In other news…we’re happily settled back in Flagstaff. It’s good to be back amongst the pines and afternoon summer storms. Last Saturday marked our 5th wedding anniversary…it seemed only fitting that as we start a new chapter in our family that we return to the place where it all began.

Next challenge…find a OB/nurse-midwife we like. We have a list of names and centers to check out and it’s a bit daunting and overwhelming. Out NP in Tucson was so calming and reassuring, I really want to find someone like that. Someone who will listen to me and respect my body, and who has the experience and knowledge of what a healthy, NATURAL childbirth is. Maybe the birthing faeries will send someone our way.

Until next time, waddle on friends.


Jed said...

I love ya... buffet an' all.

emery_rose said...

I found you on Jed's blog, and I'm very excited that you're here. commenting on other blogs is a fun way to stay in touch.
I'm sorry I haven't called. We missed you at the shower. We might be in flag next weekend, and would love to see you.
I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy experience!

emery_rose said...

P.S. Can I put a link to your wonderful blog on my blog?