Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BIRTHA, defender of laboring women everywhere!

I find that I'm draw to, almost compelled to watch "the baby shows." You know, the ones most people flip past as soon as they wheel mom into the delivery room and there are sweat beads visible at 50 paces and worried dads hovering just above the "privacy drape" behind which the magical wizard, aka OB, is performing the final steps in the miracle of birth. I was like you...I only wanted to the back story and maybe baby 4-6 wks post-bloody birth. Now? Now, I find myself seeking out these shows - A Baby Story, Brining Home Baby, Special Delivery...I can't get enough.

I always cry when baby finally appears in the world, and I'm slowly desensitizing myself to the visibly excruciating pain of child birth. I'm still on board with a natural birth, hoping to start my prenatal yoga class soon to give me the strength and flexibility I anticipate needing when I push my watermelon baby through my orange-sized vagina.

Western birth still boggles my mind...as these poor moms are flat on their backs legs spread-eagle in the air and a masochistic Dr. yelling "good, good, just one more push"...one more push from an ridiculously exhausted woman whose been mentally and physically preparing for this day for 9 months and physically been laboring for the past 6-36 hours... now against all odds, and more notably against gravity, in a position that physically makes your pelvis smaller....lets take a nice deep breath and push that miracle of life out. And you wonder why so many women experience some form of post-traumatic stress following a hospital birth?!?!

Of course my MY birth will be different...I secretly hope that my inner super heroine emerges during labor...BIRTHA, defender of laboring women everywhere!

"What are you putting in that I.V.? - we don't need it yet...so back off!"

"Lie down? Are you mad? This mother needs to walk and bounce and swivel her hips to help baby move down the birth canal."

"Epi-what...she doesn't want it and doesn't need it...let her body do it's job of face the wrath of BIRTHA!"

That would be awesome...I think Doulas and Dads should wear super hero capes...because that's their job in the delivery room, right? To protect and defend mom so she can have the best birthing experience possible?

Just the musing of an expectant mom.


emery_rose said...

I always liked those shows about the baby story. Weird, I know, as someone who has not experienced pregnancy. I'm excited to hear about BIRTHA, and am always sending lots of good thoughts your way for a happy delivery experience and courage to get what you need.

Tracey Hayes said...

thanks for the support friend...I need all I can get. :)